Friday, July 29, 2005

Book suggestion for those dealing with other countries

From time to time, I have taught Global Management classes for the University of Phoenix. The class I did the most, and enjoyed the most, was called Internal Environment of Global Business. The focus of this class was on how to deal with internationalization within your company. It covered things like different HR requirements in the world, how to work with different cultures within your company, how to work with different cultures when they are outside of your company (such as partners, JVs, etc.), etc.

The course talks about different ways to look at cultural difference, but could no go into specific differences between cultures. For that, I recommended that the students get a book called Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands by Terri Morrison, Wayne Conaway, and George Borden. This book covers the cultural and business differences between America and 60 countries. Each country is covered in a separate chapter, making this an excellent reference book. I have found the book to be good enough that I actually own 2 copies.

Interesting, I am not authorized to teach any classes at UOP right now. They changed the International MBA program such that the classes I was approved to teach are no longer in the curriculum. I have gone through the process to be approved for an International Marketing class, but my paperwork seems to have been lost somewhere. It was approved by the local dean, and then sent to Phoenix for approval there, but seems to have disappeared. So I won't be teaching any classes in the near future.

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