Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Business Magazines

A client of mine, along with having an import business, is also a lecturer at San Francisco State, and invited me to come in and speak to her students about my experiences when I was Asia Marketing Manager for Tyco/Raychem. I have worked as a lecturer myself (for University of Phoenix) and enjoyed standing in front of students again.

In response to a question, I advised the students to get in the habit of reading business magazines constantly. Here are the ones I recommended:

Business Week - this is a good weekly business magazine, particularly for American focused information. I read this continuously from when I was in undergraduate program (late 80s) up through a few years ago. Benefit is that it is the least expensive one listed here. Downside is that it is really US focused (not as much international content as the others).

The Economist - this is what I am currently reading. It has a lot more international focus than Business Week, which is good considering my work. It is also more expensive, which is a downside. And it has too large a section (for me) on Britain, but it is easy to just skim past that.

Wall Street Journal - Ok, I actually can't comment too much about this. I never had the time to read a daily newspaper in depth (I do subscribe to the local paper, but I skim most of it).

Note - the links I included should go to free trial offers for each of the magazines, so feel free to give them a try and see which you like.


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